EVE API 6.3.0 for phpBB 3.0.12

Happy New Year! :Grin:

Hereby I’m releasing version 6.3.0 of my EVE Online API for phpBB mod.
The following things have changed:

  • NOTE! Remember to update your Special Group permissions in each of the Group settings screen, as the main Special Group checks from the EVE API General tab are now removed!
  • Fix for Subsilver2 based templates; body belongs in overall_header, not in overall_footer
  • Faction Warfare integration should now work without errors again
  • Updated PHEAL to support the new way the EVE API handles its errors. It will return XML as body with HTTP statuscode on errors, after which PHEAL filters the errors and sends them back as PhealAPIException (in short: Back to semi-old method).
  • Updated the database to Rubicon 1.0.4.
  • Jabber authentication is now based on forum groups and EVE entities.
  • TeamSpeak groups are now able to be set by forum groups.
  • Improved TeamSpeak error handling. Users should now be able to see why their TS UID is not being saved.
  • Return of the Quick Reply on Prosilver themes.
  • Customizeble AccessMask using the ACP (new module).
  • Fix for ‘TeamSpeak3 class not found’ fatal error, which happened under certain rare configurations.
  • Updated TeamSpeak3 PHP Framework to 1.1.23 from 1.1.18. (Requires TeamSpeak3 Server 3.0.9 or newer.)

Version 6.3.0 requires phpBB 3.0.12.
In order to update from phpBB 3.0.11 to phpBB 3.0.12 while using my mod, please follow the following small guide.

  1. Upload the root/install folder from the 6.2.4 package to the root of your forum.
  2. Browse to forum.com/install and select to Uninstall.
  3. Once uninstalled, delete the install folder from your forum.
  4. Uninstall the 6.2.4 mod from AutoMOD using the ACP.
  5. Once uninstalled, delete the 6.2.4 package from AutoMOD.
  6. Clear forum cache!
  7. You can now upgrade your forum to 3.0.12, default phpBB upgrade procedure applies.
  8. Once phpBB 3.0.12 is installed, delete the install folder from your forum.
  9. Upload and install version 6.3.0 of the mod.
  10. Once installed, browse to forum.com/install and select Install to install the database part of the mod.
  11. Clear forum cache!
  12. Go to the new AccessMask module and set the requested AccessMask.
  13. Go to each Forum group (Users and Groups – Manage Groups) and set the correct Immunity, TeamSpeak and Jabber permissions to each group.
  14. Once done, clear the forum cache again, as you can’t do that enough!

If you’d like to have a bit more insight in this process, please watch the 6.2.0 Installation and Configuration video on Youtube as that video should explain a very similar process. The Youtube videos can be found here.

Please be aware that increasing the required AccessMask for users can cause users to have their accounts disabled, as their currently configured cgrazzAccessMask might not match your newly set AccessMask. To be on the safe side only select the bare minimum required, which is Public – CharacterInfo (and Public – FacWarStats if you use the Faction Warfare integration).
You have been warned!


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