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A tale of spades

I’ve been playing a lot of Ace of Spades lately. A voxel based FPS with a few different game modes, and the key ability to destroy and place blocks yourself to create secret passageways into the enemy base or giant castles to defend against an enemy attack.

One of the game modes I enjoy most is Classic CTF. Each team has a suitcase they need to protect (otherwise known as ‘Intel’) with each player having the exact same gear; a rifle, a spade and multiple grenades. Restocking health, ammo and grenades can be done at your army tent (home base) in case you run out. First team to take the enemy intel and bring it back to your own base five times is declared the winner.

Below is a video of me playing on the Bridge-map with the middle (and only) bridge destroyed. I’ve cut out the boring parts (from respawn to respawn) to hopefully creatcryte a watchable video. No commentary or music, just the game itself. Quality is a bit low as I had chosen the wrong bitrate, but unfortunately I can’t re-encode it as I removed the original footage as soon as the rendering was complete. Enjoy the video, and let me know if you have any hints or tips.